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Top 04 Best Clarke American Random Orbital Sanders Review 2022

Oil stains, scratches, oils paints—want to give a new touch to your floor? We have an option, consider using the best Clarke American Random Orbital Sanders. When you want to replace with new ones, it may cost you a huge amount of money, better to go refinishing your floors. Photo Credit by: Andrew Whitis

Clarke American random orbital sander for floors reaches every corner of your home that other sanders can’t even think of it.

To finish your floor refinishing project quickly and easily, choose the best Clarke American sanders drum floor sander available in the market.

The best machine for DIY’ers is the random orbital sander that has a big rectangular base and gives a detailed touch. Clarke floor sander parts are considered to be the best and easiest floor sander to use.

Besides, you can find it many home centers or rental department. The reviews of the top 4 best Clarke American random orbital sander are given for you to check out in detail and make the right choice.

Best Clarke American Random Orbital Sanders Reviews

Coming to the best Clarke orbital 3 disc floor sander, we have listed the top 4 Clarke American RO Sanders for you to make the right buying decision.

Many people are getting a bit concerned when it comes to giving their floor a different and new look. All of us want our homes or offices to appear great in front of our guests and clients. 

Some people prefer to carry out such minute tasks of sanding the floors or objects by themselves. Here we have got the best Clarke -American Random Orbital Sanders.

 which you may use to give a new look to your floors in a very less time. Without wasting any time, let us check them out for complete details and make the right choice. 

01. Clarke Floor Sander Edger Super 7R W/Case #07125A



Clarke Super 7R Edger orbital sanders are ideal for getting a perfect look and touch for hidden areas of your room that you find tough to get done. 

Convenient and Portable

Convenience and portability are something that you do not often get with the Clarke American sanders drum floor sander. However, with Clarke 7R Edger, you can do any kind of task easily and effectively.

Clarke Edger trimmers are an essential tool to have if you are looking to resurface your floors and get your project done quickly. Basically, it is a must-have tool for people who are looking for quality and perfection.

Highly Durable

Clarke Super 7R edger is an efficient hardwood floor edger available today. Made for durability and power, this trimmer has been your perfect choice for a professional contractor for more than 50 years.

The edger outpaces its competition because it is well-equipped with a dust bag system and can attach straight to the vacuum.  

Great Functions

It comes with a 1HP motor with a 7inch sandpaper disc, a speed of 2800 rpm, has a filter capacity of over 600 cubic inches & a gearbox are some important features you can find.

The rugged construction of this tool can be compared with other floor sanders edgers whereas keeping its weight at just 40 pounds. Hence, it is a lightweight tool.

For more people, hardwood flooring is an expensive home improvement task to carry out. For this reason, many people turn to resurfacing and sanding rather than replacing it altogether.

Hence, Clarke 7R Edger Sander is a best seller, and given are some reasons why you must consider buying Clarke American sanders drum floor sander.


  • Durable 
  • Stylish body
  • Easy to move


  • Less versatile

02. Clarke American Sanders – American B2 Edger


Want to buy a professional-grade sander for your hardwood floors? Yes, the first name that comes to our mind is America B2 edger RO sander. America B2 sander is the best choice for many professionals who want perfection in their job. 

Speed and Power

Some of the great features in this sander make it highly prominent compared to other sanders out there. American edger will run on your floor for over 3200 RPM speed.

Besides, it has the most powerful and best cutting, which gives the best finish, and this machine can run for over 2800RPM.


American B2 edger for a hardwood floor is made on the new features and designs; this model comes with the new pipe design and allows the edger to vacuum the shavings directly.

With it comes the quick-release bag that helps you in your task as well as saves its string hassle.


B2 Edger runs fast with its strong 1 HP motor and won’t slow down quickly, even if heavy cutting. With these features, you also get a fan with the engine to keep it symmetric and give smooth operations. 

Sanding Pads

Well-balanced sanding pads of B2 edger give a smooth and fine finish. Dust pipe can rotate and swivel for over 280 degrees.

Such rotation allows you to reach some of the tight spaces or edges in your home. With this, you also get quality graphite brushes. These machines are made from aluminum.


  • Strong motor 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Balanced machine 
  • Pipe can swivel
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • High price 

03. American Sanders 07162A RS-16DC 16″ Rotary Sander with Dust Control


Third, on our list is the Clarke RS-16DC rotary sander, and it is the contractor-oriented buffer that gives a smooth and beautiful finish.

Clarke orbital 3 disc floor sander DC model is one of the high range tools that are available for your help. Its sharp features and other functions are simple to use and repair over the long term.

Easy to Repair

This machine has a metal body and is quite simple to repair and will not get banged easily. Besides improving, this particular model is quite easy to use, and the RS-16 DC Rotary sander model is an important part of the dustless sanding lineup.

Dustless Buffing

American Sander DC model allows for the dustless buffing. Just hook up your American Sanders RS16 DC over the vacuum, and it will prevent all the dust to enter the air. Hence, it preserves your indoor air quality and does its job wonderfully.

Simple to Use

Another fantastic feature of American Sander RS16 is, it is simple to repair and use. But, one highly frustrating thing about buffers is they are tough to repair.

However, both the models Clarke RS16 & RS16 DC sander buffers will make quick and simple fixes that you can do on your own.

Buffers feature the adjustable handle, which is quite simple to modify––you just have to open it with your foot and close its handle clamp to adjust its angle properly.


  • Strong motor
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Excellent for sanding work


  • Costly 

04. Clarke Floor Dust Control #07081B Sander




Last but not least, we have the best and most efficient model, and it is Clarke american sanders OBS-18. It is the best Clarke orbital 3 disc floor sander. 

Better Speed and Power

It is the best buy, known to be the most convenient sander in terms of speed, convenience, and execution. If you are looking for deliberate floor sanding, this is the best model to choose, as it has better speed and power than other sanders.  

Comfortable to Use

The sanding hardwood floor will take just a few minutes if you have the Clarke American sanders with you to complete the task.

With this sander, you don’t need to twist them back and regain comfort. It doesn’t matter if your floor is very hard. It has sufficient power to sand anything and comes with residual volume and a fully nested engine.

Durable & Lightweight

Being the most durable and lightweight tool, Clarke American sanders OBS-18 also comes with extraordinary control.

Most of the sanders do not have all features, but American OBS Sander isn’t much tough to deal with. Also, you can get professional finishes on the hardwood floor because of its non-vibrating sander. 


When it comes to the quality sander, no sander can beat Clarke American sanders OBS-18. Because of this reason, it is a bit costly compared to other sanders out there.

Hence, this is one highly recommended sander or if you have lots of floor coverings. Basically, you can use this sander for different purposes and can also be used for the floors.


  • Powerful motor 
  • Dust-free 
  • Best for sanding


  • Costly

Buying Consideration of Best Clarke American Random Orbital Sanders

Sanding your hardwood floor will be your first thing to consider when planning to renovate your entire home. With this particular process, you will be able to give your entire home a new and different look.

However, to do it efficiently, it is important to invest in good tools and have little experience of handling Clarke American sanders.

There is no doubt and the entire process will take a little time, but, in the end, you will be happy with the results! 

Know Your Requirements

When it comes to choosing the right Clarke American sanders floor polisher, your first step will be to know your woodworking needs, no matter whether you want the sander to sand just some parts or calibrate parts.

Various factors to check when choosing Clarke American sander machine include:

  • The area you want to sand
  • The type of material and parts
  • Speed completion of your project
  • Your budget

Then you must go ahead and select the sanders that have inbuilt dust collection that will ease your cleaning process.

Size of Your Floor

Another important factor to check is the size and wood type that you want to sand. If you’re dealing with a big area or surface, a small sander will not do the task properly, and you will need to spend huge time sanding an entire surface.

So, it is better to invest in the best Clarke-American Random Orbital Sanders. The type of wood that you want to sand is an important factor.

If it is an old floor, you will need to sand more. If the wooden floor is a bit old, check for the nails and other things that will be your sander.

Head Types

At an essential stage, each sanding tool out there has four head types, namely brush, wide belt, planer. At the same time, some types are best in fast stock removal, whereas others render a smooth touch.

When you have to have special circulation or wide platen, the orbital head must be used to remove any scratches, and the brush head will help break any sharp edges to remove the stain colors.

Old or New

Though purchasing a used Clarke American sanders appears very tempting because you will save a good amount of money there, but there are certain perks.

Before you think of investing in sanders, users should do the right research on the type of sanders and find any implications that can increase their interest.

But, buying the new sander will cost you a good amount of money. In both cases, it’s essential to know the features and specifications and check out if your investment is a valuable one.

Stay Cautious

Stay careful when it comes to handling your hardwood floors and choosing Clarke American sanders floor polisher. Ensure you make the straight motions and not move your sander on sides as you will not see it.

But when you finish with painting your wooden floor, you might see lines that you have made and will not look very good.

Suppose you have got time. It is better not to touch the wooden floor for some days, allow it to get dry, and heal for some time so that you will get the best results.

Clarke floor sander parts are easily available in the market that can be used for sanding several materials and objects quickly.

As these are quite handy, there’re many options and types available in the market that can make your buying process a bit confusing. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) of Clarke American Sanders obs-18

How To Use American Sanders RS-16dc?

We now know that American Sander RS-16DC is the most powerful machine, especially for very aggressive sanding projects, and gives you smooth operation and durability at the best price.

Using American Sanders RS-16DC is quite simple. You just have to lower its handle to hip level and lock it in the proper place.

When you are holding its handle with your hands, just try to push and hold its safety switch. Then squeeze its handle.

How do you use Clarke American Sanders Floor Maintainer?

Clarke American Sanders is perfect for sanding any kind of project where you have a flat floor and are in very good condition.

Your main goal is to remove your floor coating so that new coating is applied. Being an orbital machine, you do not need to sand it in a straight line with the wood.

Sand in any way or direction you want that your machine allows you to do. Ensure you empty its dust bag often.

How Do You Use An American Sander?

To complete the refinishing project quickly and efficiently, it is important to know about Clarke floor sander parts. An American sander is simplest to use, as they are outfitted with large rectangular pads.

Just turn your sander on lower the floor and start sanding. You will see that the sanding disc will rotate clockwise.

How To How To Choose An American Sander?

When looking to create a professional and smooth touch with your sanding job, it is worth investing in the Clarke American sanders floor polisher.

So, it is very important to learn the power sander tricks that will help you to master the tools. Selecting the right sander machine for your project and using it in the right way will save you money and time.

Who Makes the American Sander?

American Sanders is known to be the leader when it comes to the production and design of hardwood floor sanders for professionals and even DIY’ers.

Alex Clarke made the American sander machine designed to restore and sand the wood bar tops.

Final Words

Sanders is considered to be an ideal solution for giving a perfect finish to your home. Floor sanders with modern technology and accessibility in types have actually made the task highly convenient.

So, now you can select the one according to your needs and get your job done without looking for a professional. Also, you can buy the best Clarke American Random Orbital Sanders for your hardwood floor at the better rates online۔

If you want to renovate the wooden floors, then you might be familiar with the floor sander out there. They are the professional-grade hardwood floor sander that makes speedy work for floors that require refinishing.

Just turn on this tool, and it will work on your way over the room, just stay a bit careful and not gouge the hardwood floor when you turn. Besides, you have the attached bag that collects the dust.

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