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Top 10 Best Sander For Furniture Stripping Review

One of the primary tools used by professional woodworker or carpenter or anyone who want to work in such area is the best sander for furniture stripping, mainly used for the furniture refinishing. Do you know what is furniture refinishing?

Well, furniture refinishing is considered to be a complicated, detailed, and comprehensive process than furniture restoration.

The furniture refinishing process mainly involves stripping your furniture from the current finish to apply a new finish. But, when you invest in a good sander, you can achieve this task easily without any trouble.

We will talk about some of the available top sanders in the market for furniture stripping, which will help you make the right choice. 

We acknowledge that choosing a sander that is ideal for furniture stripping is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of effort.

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Best Sander for Furniture Refinishing

BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander...
BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander..
DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander...
DEWALT (DWE6411K) Palm Sander...
Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander..
Makita BO5030K 5" Random Orbit Sander..
SKIL Corded Multi-Function Detail Sander..
MILWAUKEE'S Electric Random Orbit Sander.
DEWALT Rotary, Variable Speed Sander..
Worx WX822L.9 20V Cordless Detail Sander...

In addition, there is a wide variety of sanders, each with its degree of quality to offer. Therefore, finding the best option for you can be super challenging, and you are 80% likely to end up with a poor-quality sander. 

Keeping in view your struggles, we have devised a reasonable solution. We will review the best sanders for furniture stripping that will give you maximum value and satisfaction.

Top 10 Best Sander For Furniture Stripping 2021

So, read all the way to have a clear idea of the type of sander that will be the best for you. Let’s explore the features of the top reviewed sanders to help you decide exactly what you need and find you the best orbital sander for furniture.

01. BLACK+DECKER , Compact Mouse Detail Sander


BDEM600 sander can be used in various applications, and it is easy to use with multiple functions. You can control this sander efficiently, and due to its robust motor, the job will get done in the blink of an eye.

Three-Position Grip

As you know, the tool’s comfort helps you to work for more extended periods. As a result, this sander has a three-position grip for optimal user control while maintaining a comfortable grip.

Furthermore, as versatility is ensured with the three-position grip, the user can do comfortable stripping with ease. 


Managing the dust while you carry out your job can be an area of concern. For this purpose, micro-filtration has been installed by the manufacturer for efficient dust collection, which has improved the process twofold.

Moreover, you will get a clean workspace with its high-performance dust collection. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the mess with BDEMS600. 

1.2 Amp Motor

Many sanders have inefficient motors that fail to deliver the required Orbits per minute. However, this is no longer a problem with BDEMS600 since a highly efficient 1.2-amp motor is installed within it.

With its powerful motor, the sander can remove the material with as many as 14,000 Orbits per minute, yielding maximum output.


  • Compact; fits into tight places
  • Detailed finger attachment
  • Maximum user control


  • The vibration may be loud

02. BLACK+DECKER , 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander


BDERO100 sander is quick and easy to use and provides you utmost convenience. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting dust all around you as this sander manages it well due to its dust collection feature. 

Paddle Switch Function

Since convenience is what we look for when finding a tool, BDERO100 ensures user convenience by providing an easy way to on and off the sander using the paddle switch function.

Furthermore, the switch is designed to be handy, making the operation quick and simple, making it the best orbital sander for furniture

Dust Collection System

Being a primary concern for many workers the dust management is well cared for by the BDERO100 Sander. In this regard, this sander offers a built-in dust collection bag, which no trouble getting an external dust-bag.

Therefore, workers can keep the workspace free of dust and debris. Furthermore, the dust-collection bag reduces clean-up, which makes it the best orbital sander for refinishing furniture.

Light Weight and Compact

To be able to work for long, the sander must be compact. Thus, this sander is designed to be of reasonable weight, allowing users to work for as long as they wish.

Moreover, the lightweight also allows comfortable stripping with less to no fatigue. For those wanting to work for longer hours with the best hand sander for furniture, BDERO100 Black Decker proves to be the best choice. 


  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Random orbit action
  • Efficient dust collection system


  • Problematic ON/OFF button

03. DEWALT (DCW210B) 20V MAX Orbital Sander


BDERO100 sander proves to be a perfect fit and certainly the best orbital sander for furniture in terms of speed.

Furthermore, if you worry about dust collection, then this sander can ward off your worries as it comes with a dust bag for storing the dust specks.

Variable Speed Control

 Since the speed of the sander has to be different for different applications, DCW210B DEWALT Orbital Sander has come up with the right solution.

Also, this sander offers a variable speed ranging from 8000 to 12000 orbits per minute. Therefore, you can easily change the speed according to the requirement of your job. 

Texturized Rubber Grip

As you know, for regulating the sander, we must apply a precise amount of force. Plus, this sander has a large, well-designed rubber gripping area. As a result, it has an excellent grip allowing it to be the best sander for wood furniture.

The texturized rubber grip allows comfort during every application, including sanding, paint removal, stripping surfaces, etc. 

One-Handed Locking Dust Bag

DEWALT sander has a carefully designed dust port to serve the dust collection purpose efficiently. Due to this, the sander can fit directly into different dust collectors.

In addition, its one-handed locking dust bag can be securely attached to the sander to solve your problem and aid with efficient dust collection. 

Also, working with wood can be pretty messy. Hence, this proves to be the best sander for wood furniture.


  • Easy to hold
  • A Brushless motor provides runtime
  • Low-profile height 


  • Short-lived battery

04. DEWALT (DWE6411K) 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander


DWE6411K sander is specially designed to give the users maximum value with its dust managing system, mainly when working with furniture. Thus, we know it is the best hand sander for furniture.

Reduced Height

If you are looking for the best hand sander for furniture, the manufacturers of DEWALT DWE6411K have carefully designed the sander.

With a shorter design, the users can get maximum exposure to their work surface. As a result of this, they carefully examine the requirements of their work and fulfill them efficiently. 

Separate Counterweight

To work for a long, users require the convenience of low vibration. With a separate counterweight, the DEWALT DWE6411K sander ensures reduced vibration. As a result of this, the users can do comfortable operations for longer hours without fatigue. 

Hence, for those wanting not to get tired of working for long, especially with furniture, this sander can be what they need since it is the best hand sander for furniture

Locking Dust-Port System

Getting a sander with a securely sealed dust collection is the benefit every worker wants, but not everyone can find the sander that provides them so.

With a locking dust-port system, the users can lock the vacuum hose up with the sander, which implies that the dust from the vacuum does not fall off.  


  • Reduced vibration for easy stripping
  • Holds the sandpaper securely
  • Powerful motor


  • Separate attachment for vacuum

05. Bosch 5 Inches Corded Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander


Bosch is the best sander for furniture refinishing; every worker wishes to produce the maximum output of his efforts. With Bosch ROS20VSC, this has been made very much possible for the users.

Pad-Dampening System

The Pad-dampening system installed within this sander is specially designed to eliminate any swirl marks. Not only this, but the micro-cellular backing pad also ensures a smooth finish on the flat and contoured surfaces.

so there are no swirl marks left on the workpiece. 

Easy-Disc Attachment

Most of the sanders in the market have a poor attachment to sanding pads, making them fall off very often. To make sure the users of Bosch ROS20VSC do not face the problem, the manufacturers have designed an easy-disc attachment.

Through Bosch’s signature Hook and Loop disc attachment system, the sanding pads stick to the sander like an adhesion material. Moreover, this attachment has over 35000 long-life hooks.

Adjustable Speed

Besides having pad-dampening and easy-disc attachment features, the sander also ensures user comfort by providing them with adjustable speed.

Moreover, the powerful 2.5-amp motor allows adjustment of speed ranging from 7500 to 12000. Thus, it can be set up according to the workpiece and requirement of the task. 

Therefore, it is the best sander for furniture refinishing that requires different speeds for different workpieces. 


  • Comfort ensured with soft-grip
  • Erases swirl marks
  • On-board system for dust filtration


  • Dust-bag often needs clearing

06. Makita BO5030K 5″ Random Orbit Sander, with Tool Case


Makita sander is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for comfort, ease-of-use features, and an ergonomically designed sander. Moreover, with its extended tool life, you can avoid buying a sander again and again.

Pad Control System

To ensure a detailed finishing, Makita BO5030K provides the users with a pad control system. Therefore, it is ideal for woodworkers and furniture strippers who require a best-in-class random orbit sander. 

With an effective pad control system, this sander solves the problem of swirl marks by preventing gouging. Besides, the users get optimal results with a swirl-free finish.

If you are looking for the best sander for refinishing furniture, this might be the one for you.

Over-Sized Ball Bearing

Most sanders are short-lived, and this worries the buyers when buying a sander. Makita has designed this sander with an oversized sealed-ball bearing construction that extends the tool’s life and minimizes dust contamination. 

One-Handed Operation

In addition to other benefits, this sander reduces work stress by providing an easy one-handed operation to the users.

Moreover, the improved operator comfort is also ensured by a conveniently located on/off switch which can be operated using merely one hand. 


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Longer tool life
  • Powerful motor for continuous operation


  • High cost of replacing parts

07. SKIL Corded Multi-Function Detail Sander


SKIL sander proves to be the best for the workers who desire to have a clean workspace. Also, its microfiltration keeps even the smallest dust particles away. So, this is the best sander for furniture refinishing.


As you know, workers require a sander to precisely fulfill their needs by providing fine finishes to their work. Therefore, delicate finishing big surfaces, corners/edges, and any surface shape, this 4-in-1 detail sander comes with three additional detail attachments.

No tool is required to modify these attachments. Also, the 3 detail attachments include a thin profile triangular pad extension for surfaces that are hard to reach, a finger extension for narrow surfaces, and a flexible pad extension to sand curved surfaces. 

Ergonomic Design

Designers of the SKIL detail sander did an excellent job of designing it ergonomically to ensure user comfort. All the features needed to satisfy its users are installed within the sander so they can be productive.

Microfiltration, low vibrations, easy-to-change attachments, etc., all aid with the operator’s ease. In addition, rubberized grips are added for a comfortable grip to be made more user-friendly and an easy-to-use tool.

Hence, this is the best orbital sander for furniture.

Tough on Dust

To get rid of the dust, the manufacturers of SKIL SR232301 have designed it accordingly. Thus, you can pick between the micro-filtration system and the 1-1/4″ dust port for vacuum attachment to keep dust away.


  • Low vibration
  • Choice of preferred dust collection method
  • Quick sanding sheet changes 


  • A bit heavy 

08. MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tools 2648-20 M18 Random Orbit Sander


Moreover, the MILWAUKEE 2648-20 M18 designers are the best sander for refinishing furniture as it matches the speed of the application. Moreover, this sander allows the user to have more control over the tool’s output.

Adjustable Speed

MILWAUKEE sander offers a variable speed ranging from 7000 to 12000 orbits per minute. Besides, it offers 7 000-12 000 variable speed dials for different speeds per different task.

In addition, the sander delivers a corded power which removes more material per battery charge. Hence, this is the best sander for refinishing furniture.

Greater Run-Time

Most of the sanders have a poor battery that loses power quickly. Fortunately, MILWAUKEE’s sanders have a battery that delivers up to 35 minutes of runtime on a 3.0 Ah battery pack.

Hence, this sander meets the customer requirements and runs for a more extended period. 

Compact Size

A significant tool size results in workers’ fatigue and failure to work for longer hours. To combat this, the manufacturers of MILWAUKEE sander have designed the sander to be a compact size.

that is user-friendly and allows the users to work for as long as they will. So, if you want the best sander for wood furniture, this is the one for you.


  • LED lights illuminate the work area 
  • Easy to use
  • Rubber grip for user comfort


  • Less efficient dust collection

09. DEWALT Variable Speed, Dust Shroud, 5-Inch, Rotary Sander


Are you looking for a sander which you need for your furniture making and repair work? We have a good solution for your wood stripping work.

Moreover, the DEWALT Variable Speed Rotary (VSR) Disc Sander is one of the best electric sander for furniture in the market. 

Also, the DEWALT (DWE6401DS) Sander comes with 5 inches variable speed rotary disc along with the dust port.

In addition, the dust collection system is quite effective when you add the vacuum as there is no impeller to move the air into the dust bag.


Total weight of the DEWALT VSR sander is 4 lbs., which makes it the best orbital sander for refinishing furniture.


You can fully trust the DEWALT Disc orbital sander when it comes to power. Also, the electric corded sander is fitted with a 6-amp motor with 120Volts voltage that provides you the power to perform high torque sanding applications.


DEWALT Variable speed rotary sander gives you the option to adjust the speed from 0 – 3,700 OPM and provides you adaptability option in a wide array of sanding furniture.

Dust Shroud

You can connect the dust shroud to the vacuum for collecting dust and wood particles which helps you work in a healthier environment.


  • Works best on large flat surfaces
  • Efficient dust collection system
  • Reliable features in an affordable range


  • Not for corners in the finishing work

Moreover, the DEWALT 5″ VS Rotary Sander is the best palm sander for refinishing furniture. It can work efficiently on wide, flat surfaces and can help you in restoring your furniture.

10. Worx WX822L.9 20V Power Share Cordless Detail Sander


It is an all-rounder orbital sander that can help you in woodwork such as sanding, smoothing out wood, varnishing, or polishing your furniture. Then we have got the best review for you.

Furthermore, the Worx Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander comes with a 2.5-amp motor supporting 120Volt AC Power that gives you the option to manage to speed up to 13000 OPM.

Also, the ergonomic design of the machine helps in reducing vibration while you are sanding your furniture.

Dust Collection

In addition, the Worx sander comes with a dust collection box which helps in collecting the dust. Moreover, when you perform heavy furniture repairs, you can connect a large external vacuum with the sander.


Besides, the weight of the Worx VS orbital sander is 4.64 lbs, making it easy to carry while smoothing the wood and polishing the furniture.

Also, the balanced weight of the Worx sander makes it the best orbital sander for refinishing furniture procedures.

Low Vibration and Noise

You can easily refurbish your furniture with the Worx Variable Speed Rotary Sander because the rubberized grips absorb the vibrations. Also, the noise of the sander is also less, making the environment working-friendly.

Ease of Handling

Moreover, the handles are appropriately arranged to handle the Worx Orbital sander while you remake your furniture.

You can easily hold the rubberized handle grip when sanding the corners and edges while stripping furniture.


  • Efficiently perform operations Single-handedly
  • 2-meter-long Cord Length
  • Efficient dust collection


  • No battery included

Things To Consider Before Buying of Best Sander For Furniture Stripping

Type of Sander

There are three sorts of sanders for furniture refinishing projects that you simply can take, which are orbital sanders, random orbital sanders, and detail sanders.

An orbital sander features a rectangular or square base that rotates in tiny circles to produce the smoothest finishes.

A random orbital sander features a round sanding surface that moves in an ellipse, so it’s suitable for removing thick finish layers.

A detail sander helps you work with tight corners and fine the edges while you refinish your furniture.


You have to assess your needs first before you go for buying a sander. There are sanders available in different power ranges. Different Sanders have different power ranges according to the sort of work they perform.

If you are looking to buy a sander for the flat surface sanding, the best furniture sanders you can buy are orbital sander.

But if you are looking to polish and refinish the furniture or paint removal, you can go for the random orbital sander.

Dust Collection

You should check for an efficient dust collection system in a sander while buying for your workshop. A Sander with a good dust collection system helps keep the workshop clean by collecting all the dust while you perform different sanding operations.

Easy Handling

You should always go for buying the sander which has good handling and is balanced equally. Moreover, the easy-to-use sanders may be a bit expensive than others.

but you should always keep your comfort in mind because the sanding operations are tough to perform while holding a sander all the time.

In addition, the best sander to refinish the furniture is the one with good grips, making it easy to handle while stripping furniture.


Different types of sanders are available to choose from in terms of speed. Some of the sanders may have a fixed speed, while others have variable speed options.

It depends on the type of sanding operations you are performing. Some furniture requires sanded more than others which would need different speed options to peel off the wood sections.


There are sanders of different quality which are available in the market. Some of them are made of low-quality material. And they may not be durable enough, but others are of high quality and compact fitting.

Like most power tools, the exteriors usually consist of a hard plastic that will stay in one piece when dropped from a small height.

But if you are looking for a durable sander, consider looking for a sander that has its carrying case so it remains protected in the case.


Safety should be a top priority while you are looking for a sander for your furnishing operations. Moreover, it is also the best electric sander for furniture is the one that has an easy-to-reach power switch.

The on-off switch position has a substantial impact on safety while you perform furniture stripping using a sander. You should go for the sander, which you can turn on or off single-handedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Best hand sander for furniture

Which Sander Is Best for Refinishing Furniture?

The best sander to refinish furniture is variable speed random (VSR) orbital sander. It is the best tool when you are looking to smoothen the furniture surfaces.

Should I Use an Orbital Sander When Refinishing a Table?

You should prefer using a random variable speed orbital sander. Because it works best on flat surfaces and helps do the refinishing operations easily. Moreover, it does not leave any marks behind on the wood.

What Sander Is Best for Removing Paint?

Random Orbital sanders are the best choice when you need to remove paint from the wood or walls. Orbital movement of the random sander lessens the chances of leaving marks over the wood or furniture.

Orbital sanders are portable and easy to handle, making it easier to remove paint from flat or curved surfaces.

What Is the Difference Between an Orbital Sander and a Finishing Sander?

Orbital sanders provide you with a variety of functions to perform rather than a single sanding tool. It can help you in sanding flat surfaces. You can use it at high speed to remove more wood in the sanding operations. 

Finishing sanders can only be used to smooth flat or curved surfaces. Moreover, the Finishing sander is just a single type of sanding tool. It does not leave any marks on the wood and furniture. 

What Is the Fastest Way to Sand Furniture?

If you are looking for the fastest way to sand your furniture. Then you can buy a sander that can perform multiple sanding operations. And can work on variable speed with the powerful capacity electric motor.

Variable Speed Rotary (VSR) orbital sanders are the fastest way to sand the furniture.

Is It Better To Sand Or Strip Furniture?

If you are looking for a fast way to refinish your furniture, you can go for stripping. But the stripping is a lot messier.

Meanwhile, the sanding process is slow but can give you the best results. So, you can choose according to your needs.

What Is the Best Wood Stripping Product?

Best sander for furniture stripping is the Random Orbital sanders. They are a great way of removing off the paint from the wooden surfaces.

Moreover, the Random orbital sanders can help in other sanding operations like finishing, smoothing, etc. Rather than just be a single stripping tool, and are termed as best furniture sanders.

What Type Of Sander Is Best For Wood?

Random variable speed Orbital sanders are the best choice for sanding the wood. Because they can easily strip, sand, and smoothen the wooden surfaces of the furniture.

An only a single tool can help you in doing a lot of sanding operations.

Is An Orbital Sander Better Than a Palm Sander?

Orbital sanders are more massive tools than palm sanders because palm sander has only the orbital motion. But the Palm sanders are much more lightweight and are easy to carry than orbital sanders.

If you want to do heavy sanding or strip out more wood, then the orbital sanders are a good choice.

What Is the Advantage of An Orbital Sander?

Orbit sander has orbital motion, and it also randomizes its sander motion. Due to this, the orbital sander is more potent than palm or sheet sanders, and you can perform heavy-duty operations efficiently.

What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Varnish From Wood?

If you want to remove the varnish from the flat or a curved surface, the orbital sander can perform the job efficiently.

You can use the 150-grit and 220-grit sandpaper to remove the varnish from the wood using an orbital sander. 

Does Vinegar Remove Paint from Wood?

No, the vinegar itself is unable to remove the paint from the wooden surfaces. But, by applying the vinegar, you can soften the paint, which becomes easy to remove afterward.

If you want to remove the paint with vinegar application, it may take much more time and is not that efficient. The best sander for furniture stripping or removal of paint is the orbital sanders which can perform the job efficiently within less time.

What Is the Best Belt Sander to Buy?

If you are looking to buy a belt sander, you should buy one with more options. Like the dust collection bag, powerful motor to perform the operations efficiently.

And most of all, the sander should be safe to use and made from durable materials.

What is the Most Durable Sandpaper?

The most durable sandpaper is made of silicon carbide. It is the best option for sanding a comprehensive range of materials, including hardwood, softwood, plastics, and metal surfaces. 

Should I Use a Belt Sander or Orbital Sander?

If you are looking for a sander that can perform the sanding operations in tight spaces and at difficult angles. Then the orbital sanders are a good option for you.

But if you want to sand a flat surface rather than curved surfaces. Then the belt sander can perform the job efficiently for you as it is more powerful and can sand tough materials.

Which Palm Sander Is the Best?

If you want to buy an efficient palm sander, you can remove the rough coat of the wood surfaces. Then you should prefer buying the corded electric palm sanders which are light in weight and can be used with a single hand.


Different types of sanders are available in the market, and choosing the best sander for furniture stripping for your sanding operations can be a tough choice.

Every sander has its pros and cons, but you need to select the one according to your needs. We hope that this article has helped you better understand the process of buying the best furniture sander for you.

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