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10 Best Sander for Exterior Paint Removal Review & Buyer’s Guide

Looking to sand out old paint from the furniture piece? Want to get your kitchen cabinets prepared for painting? Then you must find the best sander for exterior paint removal that will make your sanding job effective and convenient than just scrubbing it away with the sandpaper. Photo Credit By: Aplace Usblog

Whenever any uneven or wrong pressure is applied to a workpiece, the surface will end up with scratch marks. Alternatively, the best sanders are the way if you want to complete your task properly.

Make sure you check the complete reviews of all the sanders before making the found choice. Whether it is home or office renovation to another workplace, choosing the right sanding tool is essential.

Once you check out different types of sanders, you will come across two kinds to accomplish this job, random orbital sander and belt sander. 

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Best Sander for Walls with Dust Extraction

Mouse Detail Sander..
Random 5-Inch
Buffer/Polisher 7-
WEN 6301 Electric
Detailing Sander..
EnerTwist Random 5
Inch Variable Speed..
Orbital Sander..
ZFE Random Orbital
Sander 5" & 6"..
Wagner Spraytech
0513040 PaintEater
Jellas 5-Inch 18Pcs
tools centre Makita 5- Inch Disc Sander

Belt sander makes very quick work for a majority of your sanding tasks. On the other hand, random orbital Sander is well suited for several woodworking tasks, whether it is removing external paint from windows or wood.  

RO sanders are ideal for such tasks as their random patterns and vibration will not make any swirls and gouges when used in the right way.

To remove exterior paint from wood or other objects, you require a strong device that will do your task easily and quickly.

Because of such unique requirements, belt sanders and random orbital sanders are excellent options. Let us check out the top list of best Sander for exterior door:

Top 10 Best Sander for Exterior Paint Removal Review

Choosing a quality sander is an essential device for any kind of renovation and refurbishment work. With this helpful device, you can remove paint from any material like metal, floor, wood, wall, and others.

However, Sander can also be used for wooden material. Particularly, when it is doing old painted dividers, choosing the best Sander for walls with dust extraction is essential.

For such kind of activity, you will get them cleaned and spotless look that you need. Finding the best sanders for external paint removal are described daily shortly. 

Considering its power, vibration, motor, size, and comfort, we have rounded top 10 sanders to give a quick head start!

Right from palms to RO sanders, we have included the best Sander for exterior paint removal with high specs and features that are affordable!

01. BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander, Compact Detail


Black and Decker come up with some amazing options when it comes to sanding jobs in tight corners and other areas. These are highly difficult areas to remove exterior paint from wood items.

Suppose you have got corners, you must buy this Sander, or do it by hand.

Size and Shape

This particular Sander is small in size as well as has a triangular shape; for this reason, it is named a mouse sander. The product is just 2.8 pounds and easy to carry.


Black & Decker Sander has an amazing power of over 14000 opm that is an amazing power rate. This needs an electric source of over 120 volts & 1.2 Amps where it can run comfortably.

The grip of this particular Sander is great. It gives an amazing performance when collecting any dust. Overall it is one amazing product to buy if looking to remove exterior paint in small areas.


  • Easy to use in corners
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive 


  • Not very strong built.
  • Plastic attachment

02. BLACK+DECKER, 5-InchRandom Orbit Sander



Another popular product is Black+Decker BDERO100, which is a winner when it comes to the best Sander for exterior door in this class.

BDERO100 sander model is a most powerful tool can be used to remove paint & smoothing surface. Besides, it can perform an orbital action.

This Sander comes with a Sander, dust collection bag, a sanding sheet with its product, and has a 2 amp capacity.


Sander comes with a 2amp powered motor that will generate over 12000 orbits that is quite sufficient for removing exterior paint tasks.

The BDERO100 sander will get rid of varnish from metal, plastic, and wood objects very easily with such impressive power.


For quick and simple belt-changing features, this Black Decker sander has Hook & Loop system. It has a switch for dust-sealed that improves the longevity of its tool.

Besides, it has amazing compactness that allows you to complete any task precisely.


  • Compact size
  • Hook & loop feature
  • Dust sealed


  • No power system

03. DEWALT Buffer/Polisher, Variable Speed, Soft Start, 7-Inch/9-Inch Sander


DEWALT Buffer DWP849X sander is an excellent variable-speed buffer and polisher that is best for finishing metal and concrete surfaces.

It can also be perfect for detailing projects. DeWalt DWP849X is the perfect product that you are finding. 


Power is not any problem with its 12amp motor. Power is sufficient to drive the pad over 3,500 RPM without straining its motor and causing overheating.

Variable Speed

Well-located speed dial can be very useful to control its motor speed. The speed differs from 0 to 600 or 3500 RPM. While using this device, choosing a medium motor speed will be better.

Going very low or very high speeds can damage its buff.

Ingestion Shields

Sander comes with wool shields technology that will help debris not get sucked in its device. Ingestion will cause inferior performance and raise maintenance costs.

Inferior pad rotation will lead to overheating & breakdown of a tool. Obviously, repairing and replacing can cost some money.


  • Easy and comfortable
  • High pad rotation
  • Effective and durable
  • Less noisy
  • Better finish


  • Overheating may burn parts

04. WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander


Handheld sanders are now becoming more and more popular to get similar benefits as conventional sanders. That also at an excellent price range.


WEN 6301 is amazingly well-equipped with a 3.75 x 5.5″ pad for complete precision. It has a strong 1 amp motor, which offers over 13,500 OPM, and has a lightweight design, just 2 pounds.


Coming to its power capacity, this Sander makes any kind of sanding job precise with its 13500 OPM worth of vibrational power.

A one-act motor can easily sand any abrasive surface, whereas an adapter allows a simple connection of dust collection device.

Dust Collection

This has a dust collection system that reduces loose sawdust as well as has a Velcro-based pad, which allows simple removal of a sandpaper installation.

Overall, it an amazing product that you must check out when looking for the best Sander for exterior paint removal.


  • Simple and affordable 
  • Light in use
  • Less noise


  • Not very durable

05. ENERTWIST 2.4A Electric Random Orbit Sander


EnerTwist is yet another amazing electric sander brand whose detail sander has an amazing performance. Sander has several amazing features that make it the most selected Sander in this range. 


Checking out this model performance of detail sander, EnerTwist sander uses 1.0 amp of electric motor, which can go over 135000 OPM speed as it is highly efficient.


One can smoothly finish work of various scales with 13,500 orbits speed per minute & 1 amp power. This power makes it an amazing product for sanding wood, polishing tight spaces areas, and repairing any paint job.

Vibration Control

 Besides that, Sander has the best rubber handle, which decreases vibration so you can work comfortably and relieve tiredness. This makes it a top handheld sander because of its simplicity and ease of use.


  • Great performance 
  • Less power consumption 
  • Handy 


  • Short power cord 
  • Quite bulky 

06. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander


BLACK+DECKER BCR020C sander is setting a different standard for its design and innovation of power tools, yard devices, and products.

You can manage any kind of home repairs with control and power to get rid of exterior material quickly.


Its 20V MAX sander comes with cordless convenience for any kind of small project & touches. Over 12,000 OPM offers an amazing speed to remove paint, material, and stain quickly.

Dust Collection

This technology helps to keep your work surface neat. Hook & loop system provides simple paper changes. It includes a 1.5Ah 12V MAX battery, charger, sandpaper sheets, and more.


The majority of our home tool kits do not have cordless drills. But, the Black and Decker BDCRO20c tool appeals to every homeowner because of its amazing performance.

It makes doing various tasks like installing a TV mount over your wall and making their furniture repairs a simple task.


  • Quick sanding
  • Makes less noise
  • Better build quality
  • Lightweight


  • Little costly

07. ZFE Random Orbital Sander 5″ & 6″ Pneumatic Palm Sander


ZFE random orbital sanders are your best choice if searching for a simple sanding job. If you are looking to work over heavy-duty tasks or want to do shop work, it is a perfect device and performs really well.


Weighing just 1.52 pounds, it’s a lighter choice on our list despite its metal build & heavy-duty accommodations.

Heavy Sanding

This device is really good for any kind of heavy-duty sanding job. It’s simple to remove plenty of material without any hard work. You may work on the bottom without any issues. It is a strong sander and does its job perfectly.

Great Features

ZFE RO Sander is the best Sander for exterior paint removal for hobbyists and even professional woodworking tasks. This Orbital Sander is made with many amazing features and will help in doing all types of jobs.

This is an amazing tool for use in your house and at work. One can install different types and sizes of polishing pads with different kinds of discs. 


  • Not much effort needed 
  • Best for heavy task 
  • Strong unit
  • Gives smooth operation


  • It uses plenty of air

08. Wagner Spraytech 0282180 Wagner 0513040 PaintEater Sander


Wagner Spraytechh is the best electric palm sander in this range. It effectively removes flaking, cracking, and peeling finishes and leaves you a smooth and finishing surface where you can apply a new paint coat.

Stylish Pattern

Ergonomic design of Wagner Paint EATER provides different hand positions that will reduce your hand fatigue. It gives an amazing swirl pattern and easy to move around.

Strong Motor

It is amazing for removing exterior paint device that features high-efficiency and disc functioning at 2,000 RPM that will effortlessly strip exterior paint any chipped finishes over wood, metal, steel, siding, and other material.

It has a 3.2 amp motor that gives a strong performance.


Wagner sander features a retractable handle and soft-grip cover; hence it is easy to switch between various operations.

Wagner paint eater sander is hard on paint and mild on its surface. Overall, it is one amazing product in this range.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Innovative technology


  • No dust collection bag included

09. Jellas 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander with 18Pcs Sandpapers


Jellas 5″ RO sander is an amazing product. It is a strongly built power tool nicely made, properly balanced, as well as sports great features.

The product comes with some great specifications and features that are tough to find on another device.

Amazing Vibration

It provides vibrations in small circles. Jellas 5 inch orbital sander can be used for an ultra-smooth finish and exact sanding exterior paint.

It is used on plastic, metal, and woodworking. It can easily be used for rough wooden edges, slate, metal surfaces, framework, windows, stairs, and much more in your normal life.

This is a powerhouse product and provides great performance. 

Good Dust Collection

Made in a microfilter system, which traps particles of even 1/2 micron to attain fast and higher dust collection. It is compact in design and size and is user-friendly and comfortable for everyday use. 


Jellas has a rubberized grip & low vibration for better comfort & control. It has a transparent sealed cover that is visible for the switch-mode and keeps away dust for better tool life. 


  • Affordable 
  • Great features
  • Very light 


  • Bigger 

10. Tools Centre Makita 5-Inch Disc Sander for Wood/Metal Polishing


Makita GV5010 5″ Disc Sander includes major needs that are covered and do not have to overthink any product. It has got all the durability, strength, safety, and comfort that you are looking for in a sander.

The Makita GV5010 is very well-protected and has a simple grasp handle for safety at work. Disc Sander weighs only 2.6lbs with around feature.

Strong Motor

Makita disc sander has a strong motor of over 4.2 amp. This helps to run this Sander at a great speed of over 4500 RPM. Makita sander needs a continuous power of over 440W.

Besides, it’s double insulated. It means heat does not directly go in its motor & harms your device. Furthermore, needle & ball bearing technology will prolong Makita GV5010 5Inch Sander life.

Simple to Use

Another biggest benefit of using Makita disc sander is the fact it is very lightweight & strong. It is observed said that Sander removes paint from old homes very easily.

This Sander can work beautifully on any work surface. Hence you must definitely go for it. 


Makita is known to be a brand that pays a lot of attention to user comfort. Even Makita disc sander will ensure complete comfort for its users.

Makita GV5010 sander model is not any different. The Sander comes with soft grips & a stable design, which allows users to enjoy easy grip and better comfort.

Makita comforts can be highlighted in processors for better use throughout the day.


  • Strong motor
  • Better working capacity
  • Easy gripping
  • Light in weight


  • No dust cleaning system

Buying Considerations of Best Sander for Exterior Paint Removal

Once you are out looking for the best Sander for walls with dust extraction, you will come across various types like palm sander, belt sander, drywall sander, orbit or electric Sander, mouse, and much more.

What are some specific kinds of Sander available today? Which Sander will be appropriate for paint removal and wall sanding?

Must you check out a few important things before purchasing the best Sander for removing exterior paint? Without wasting any time, let us consider a few things before going ahead in choosing the right sander: 


When looking for the best Sander, durability is the first thing to check out. It is simple to check your Sander’s durability by its strong body that offers you high confidence while performing woodworking tasks.

That can develop work efficiency.


As discussed earlier, paint removal is not a simple task to carry out. This is one reason why there’re machines to make our tasks easier.

Suppose you do your paint removal process by hand, then it can take lots of time. For this reason, you must invest in a good sander.

If you try to paint the removal process from wood or another surface, you require Sander with good power as paint takes a huge amount of effort and time to get rid of.


Different types of sanders have diverse sizes. Hence this is another point that you need to take into consideration when buying.

Some sanders that we have mentioned in this article have a small size, which is light, portable, and carried at any place you want.

Besides you can clean your house corners with the small shape. Some sanders are lightweight and easy to carry, but some are very large.

These types of Sander can be used when cleaning big areas. Hence, you need to check out the size of the Sander before purchasing them.

Vibration Control

Vibration control is quite important to work comfortably for doing any paint removal or other woodworking task. You can improve work efficiency when you invest in a belt sander.

Besides, all these features help you resist where higher noise can affect you and your neighbors too. And it can hamper your work efficiency.

Besides, overexposure to vibration will be uncomfortable and will prove dangerous when you don’t rightly follow usage recommendations.

Lower vibration means working for a longer time frame and in high comfort and safety.

Speed Level

With power, you need to look at speed to remove exterior paint in a better way. To know how fast your Sander is, make sure you check out a number of RPMs it has got.

Suppose you find any Sander having 100 RPM’s means it can produce 100 motions in a minute. In addition, you will be able to have hold higher control on the devices.

Thus, this is a very important feature that you need to find a sander you choose online.


All sanders have a different price range, and it differs as per power, functionalities, and durability. Make sure you select one that is of good use and not a very high one priced or very cheap.

You need to know what type of work you want to carry out and then choose the Sander that fits in that range. 

Dust Collection

After power, size, another important thing that you need to look at is the dust collection technology of Sander you choose. Suppose you have the fittest system.

Your paint removal task will be easy and comfortable to carry out. Suppose you do not own the right dust collection, then painting dust can blow everywhere around an area.

Thus, you need to ensure you look for Sander’s right dust collection technology before you make a final choice. 


If you are on a tight budget, you need to look at this feature and not sacrifice it. But, if you have got some money to spend, then comfort, lighter, and ergonomic style is worth noting down.

Speed Lock

Many orbital sanders generally come with a speed lock system that helps you hold your Sander when doing your task. However, you need to know that Sander must be locked at the highest speed.

Orbit Diameter

When it comes to preparing floorboards, restoring any pieces or wooden structures for any new paint, go for the best Sander for walls with dust extraction.

If it is a moderate and big carpentry task, an orbital sander will be the right choice for you. It will take a little longer to complete your work with your palm sander due to its small sanding exterior paint sheets.

Sanding disk diameter will determine the right area that you may cover effectively within a given period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Best Exterior Paint Remover

Can random orbital Sander be used for removing paint?

Yes, definitely, it can be used. Also, orbital Sander is the best choice when it comes to removing exterior paint in the right way from the hardwood floors, windows, metal objects, and door frames with strip exterior paint.

Why to use a rotary sander?

Rotary Sander can be used for stains, sanding exterior paint, metal, plastic, and wood finishes, and rust from the object. This rotating cushion provides the ability to quickly placing your big Sander for developed preparation.

Can a sander help to remove paint?

When you use a sander to remove the paint, it makes your task easier. Firstly, you have to begin with 60 or 80grit sandpaper in power or a manual Sander that will remove paint effectually.

After that, you can use coarse sandpaper of 150-grit & finish with sandpaper of 220-grit.

 Is using hand sandpaper a better choice than detail sander?

Yes, it is. You may use hand sandpaper than detail sander, and it will prove to be the right choice. But, if you are using hand sandpaper, then you will need to put higher effort than a detailed sander.

Comparatively, a detail sander will need less effort compared to hand sandpaper. Thus, rather you can use a detailed sander to complete your work in a better way with very little effort and quick work. 

Can Sander be used as a buffer?

It is possible to use a sander as a buffer, but there are some important steps that you will have to follow. These steps are first to set up your pad tightly and use it as a buffer.

Is it essential to clamp sanding material?

Sander rotates at 1000 RPMs. Hence even material may also move with your Sander. It is not possible to clamp an entire thing that you are sanding exterior paint but hold it properly so that it does not move from its place.

When can I Use Sander?

Sander can be used to remove exterior paint from your wood and other material, no matter whether it is a palm sander, orbital Sander, or belt Sander.

But, sometimes, just one Sander will be right for use than the other for better results.

How can I find the best electric sander?

For selecting an electric sander to meet your needs, some factors are considered, like the kind of material you want to sand or the kind of finish you are looking to have on a final product.

You will find a few electric sanders in the market that will work much better for given tasks. 

What is the difference between palm sander and detail sander?

For sanding any complex sizes or shapes like corners, tight spaces, joints, grooves, or edges, a detail sander will be the right choice, while for the smooth, tough, and large surfaces, palm sander will be the best choice.

Can random orbital sander use as a polisher?

When you attach a polishing pad to your RO sander, it will get amazing polishing tough on metal and other objects. Because of its quick rotating motions, pairing the polishing pad will make your task easier.

This turns the typical Sander into a polisher. 

Is it right to have different kinds of sanders with you?

Yes, there is no harm in getting different types of Sander with you. Round design RO sanders make it impossible for sanding tight, and corner areas and patterns of an orbital sander will be distracting.

Belt sanders work right for such tight situations. Each Sander has got its own use, but if you think you will have plenty of sanding jobs, you need to consider choosing from two different kinds of sanders.

How to choose the best Sander to remove exterior paint?

Sander helps in designing that allows removing any material in a fast way. A belt sander works rightly for tasks that involve extracting paint from big surfaces or areas.

When you strip exterior paint from the desired area, it will be easy to finish any task with a subtle device like a random orbital sander and a finishing sander.

How can I sand the table with help of an electric sander tool?

Before you start any kind of sanding project, make sure you put on a protective device and they are safety glasses, masks, and gloves. Move your table to a rightly ventilated space.

Turn on your electric sander & sand with grain that will avoid damaging your wood. Make sure you begin with coarse sandpaper that will extract old paint & choose finer abrasive.

It will work on scratches & prepare your surface for better tough and finishing. Remove dust and dirt from its table with a tack cloth.

Which Sander will not leave any swirl patterns on wood or another surface?

A palm sander will be the right choice that comes with a dampening pad for sanding the disk. The dampening pad provides a well-refined texture on any surface you choose.

An extra micro-cellular pad gives a smooth touch after your paint gets removed. Basically, if you are not a very good fan of swirl designs left, you must palm Sander.

Why do you need to buy the paint removal sander?

Sanding is not a prescribed option for removing paint from the surfaces. Sanding will eat off surfaces & wraps up. Thus, sanders require the right dealing while disposing of any paint from its surface.

If possible, make use of the Sander in an event you have good knowledge and when evacuating oil-based and latex paint. Most sanders are not much appropriate for water-based paints.


Depending on the type of Sander you choose, the sanding task can be made easier or challenging. It’s important to choose the best Sander for exterior paint removal for any project.

When choosing the right sander, make sure you understand the type of project and choose the right Sander for walls that will make the sanding task simpler and trouble-free.

Hopefully, this guide will help you make the right buying decision when selecting the best Sander for exterior door. For removing paint exterior, you must invest in a tool that makes your job done fast and easily.

Choosing a right sander for woodwork requirements is a tough task, particularly if you’re starting it out.

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