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Top 10 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander Review & Buying Guides

Our guide on the best combination belt disc sander will help you learn some essential things about the different belt disc sanders available in the market.

Besides finding the best belt sanders, we will go through each detail, such as features, various options, and functions that are quite handy to find out the major differences between different models that are mentioned in this post.

However, if you’re a regular user of the belt disc sanders, you might know there’s so much to sanding machines that meet your eyes.

Buying a suitable yet reliable sanding appliance model will enable fast project accomplishment. In addition, you get to save a huge money sum associated with replacing fake machines.

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Benchtop Belt Sander Reviews

Images TitleBuy
WEN 6502T 4.3 . Disc
WEN 6515T Belt
drive Motor Sander..
Rockwell Belt Combo
RIKON Power Tools
50-151 Belt sander...
WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch
Belt Sander..
4" x 36" Belt 6" Disc
JET J-41002 2"x42"
(577004) Sander..
BD4600 Belt
RIKON Professional
Power Tools Sander..

Purchasing the machines comes in two ways. You can acquire as separate; a disc and belt appliance. Also, a single purchase is possible.

Buying a 2 in 1 machine is much affordable compared to buying separately. A disc-sander is concerned with making edge works precise.

Top 10 Best Combination Belt Disc Sander Review

On the other side, a belt-sander helps to flatten edges plus smoothen curves. Below, we will scan some great polishing products.

01. WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander


Over the years, WEN Company is renowned for producing some magnificent sanding appliances. People who acquire the WEN product reap immense benefits ranging from cost-effectiveness to enhanced stability when polishing.

First, what are some key highlights concerning the WEN product?

Solid Base Construction

WEN product is a quality yet compact accessory suitable for both pro and beginners. One thing we have realized is the solid base construction design.

When polishing wood and other surfaces, a product with enhanced stability is great. A stable polisher usually vibrates less and also doesn’t wobble easily.

Having these features helps a professional carpenter to eliminate unwanted rough elements affecting wooden and metal surfaces evenly.

Eliminates Debris Effectively

To eliminate dust and debris left in the working space, wen 6502 4 x 36-inch belt and 6-inch disc sander have an effective dust collection unit. Just connect a suitable dust unit to a 2.5-inch port.

All sanded impurities get held in one collection unit where you can proceed to discard them in a convenient place.

Customizable Belt

As a pro carpenter, it’s crucial to maneuver the work environment without any sought of limitation. The product belts can be moved either vertical or horizontal to cumbersome sand areas depending on the project in hand.

Besides, WEN 6502 is very easy to utilize and lightweight among the benchtop belt disc sander reviews.


  • Enhanced stability when polishing
  • It doesn’t exhaust users wallet
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • Ideal for bigger projects


  • Plastic knobs can crack
  • It takes time to sand

02. WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc


Are you perplexed on how to handle tight spaces and fragile wood or metal surfaces? Of course, it’s a challenge since extensive appliances can’t reach such spaces.

But don’t worry since the wen belt disc sander reaches the tightest spaces and polishes everything a new.

Fast Set-up

Assembling the WEN appliance is simple, thanks to the provision of a guide with vivid pictures. Everything required to assemble is included in the purchase unit.

Besides, most users attest to taking just less than ten minutes to complete the full installation.

Ergonomic Assembly

Whether you are an amateur or pro, the WEN product is compact for easy usability. Next, you can use this product for both home and industrial works.

It sounds like killing two birds with one stone! Remarkably, the ergonomic gadget design enhances overall stability for a better sanding experience.

A Miter Gauge

You don’t want to damage a delicate wood or metal surface when sanding. Precision is a core factor for best sanding results.

Our porter cable belt sander review testifies that WEN accessories progress by adopting the latest art technology.

A miter gauge is harnessed in the polisher gadget helps to improve overall user precision and thus make the right cleansing.


  • Great usability and portability
  • Convenient to read miter
  • Belts are easily customized
  • Excellent and sturdy construction


  • Past negative customer remarks
  • Back discs require separation

03. BUCKTOOL BD4801, 4 in. x 36 in. Belt and 8 in. Bench Belt Sander


How many times has it been tricky for you to finish a project on time? I’m pretty sure you can’t recall. Reliability and performance are key features a great sanding-appliance ought to possess.

BUCKTOOL gadget polishes both hard and softwood by eliminating splinters. To get a clear picture of what this product unleashes, continue reading.

Global Recognized Model

I doubt there is any part of the globe where you can miss the BUCKTOOL polisher. From the US, Europe, and Asia, this awesome product is a true giant in the sanding business.

Once you’ve acquired this best belt and disc sander, your fellow carpenters will be jealous instantly and thus uplift your spirit.

Great All-round

Are you searching for a full belt disc machine? From having a miter gauge to an angle-adjustable mechanism, users make precision polishing on diverse surfaces. Another great feature is value for money.

Comparing overall usability and cost, the BUCKTOOL appliance is cost-effective compared to standard gadgets. Besides, an induction motor avails enough power ideal for sanding all sought-of wood.

Doesn’t Wobble

Engineers tasked with creating the BUCKTOOL masterpiece made the base area with rubber material, thus preventing excess vibrations.

Remarkably, in disc belt sander reviews, BUCKTOOL is one of the few product’s ideals for beginners and pro persons.


  • 25% more sanding efficiency
  • It doesn’t vibrate roguery
  • Dust-pad ensures dustless operation
  • Ideal for large operations


  • Body construction not best

04. Rockwell Belt/Disc Combo Sander


Next in our continuing belt and disc sander reviews is the Rockwell machine. A multipurpose yet DIY machine that is suitable for people of all kinds.

From amateur, pro to senior persons, anyone can conveniently tackle small tasks thanks to Rockwell product. Besides, user health is protected thanks to a safety switch anchored on the unit.

Powerful Motor

Polishing hardwood isn’t an easy task. That’s why you require an appliance with the versatility to handle all sought of woodworks.

To effectively smoothen hardwood, a 4.3 amp releases enough energy to power the machine reliably. All irregular aspects affecting wood require just a couple of minutes to be eliminated.

Simple to Change Belts

When sanding many projects with a single machine, you need to remove sandpapers when tackling a different task. Changing sandpapers should be an easy and fast process.

A fast process saves time so that tasks at hand can be finished on time. A special quick-release lever allows fast sandpaper grit change.

Sands in Multiple Directions

One of the multi-use best belt disc sander combo depicted in this review blog. Users can tackle small tasks by either moving the appliance vertically or horizontally.


  • Addition of a quick-release lever
  • Operates either horizontal/vertical position
  • Ideal for light tasks
  • A heavily built tool


  • Un-ideal for an enormous project

05. RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5″ Disc Sander



RIKON isn’t a regular machine that lasts a couple of months before flawing. One thing certain, for DIY, few gadgets in benchtop belt sander reviews can rival RIKONI.

An attractive aspect realized by its users is a great design and stable base construction. Concurrently, reliability and durability pressed on the RIKONI disc-sander are unmatched.

Uses a Powerful Induction Motor

Induction motors are renowned for providing enhanced power ideal for tackling the trickiest impurities. In addition, being brushless increases the overall tool longevity.

Also, brushless motors provide the best power results when tackling metal surfaces.

Presence of Multiple Dust Units

Dust is a menace most carpenters and mechanics can attest. Uncontrolled dust is hazardous to human life and can cause pulmonary ailments.

To eliminate instances of lung diseases, two extensive dust pads collect all unwanted impurities.

Inclusion of a Safety Feature

Workshops are prone to accidents since machines can flaw anytime. A second relapse can cost you badly.

To minimize instances of workshop injuries, a safety on/off lock works reliably and stops the accessory when not in use.

A Multipurpose Machine

Whether it’s metal or wood, the RIKONI appliance is a multipurpose asset and polishes all surfaces perfectly. Besides, beginners have easy usability when working with the RIKONI brand.


  • Unleashes enough power
  • Produces less noise
  • A multipurpose sanding appliance
  • Presence of safety lock


  • Tricky to change belts

06. WEN 6500 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander


A two-in-one versatile monster with the potential to smoothen jagged areas with ease. Also, a sturdy design helps WEN 6500 withstand knocks prevalent with workshops jobs.

Importantly, speeds of about 1150 FPM aid in cleansing affected areas with ease.

Customizable Tool Belt

For superb polishing effects, the best disc sander tool with an adjustable belt is a necessity. A customizable belt material can be used to replenish surfaces of different positions.

All you need is to install the 4 inches by 36 inches belt appliance. Afterward, you can move the appliance either horizontal or vertical.

Addition of a Table and Disc

Remarkably, our belt-disc product reviews have never encountered a good offer like this product. When making a purchase, included in the package is a 6-inch disc plus a table.

In addition, a miter gauge included helps carpenters to have enhanced precision when sanding.

Immense Portability

Overall, WEN 6500 is portable thanks to the lightweight feature of the tool steel frame. Besides, users have an easy time transporting this machine from one location to the other.

Another important aspect is the addition of rubber material to the base area. A rubber-armed gadget usually doesn’t wobble much and also vibrates less.


  • It doesn’t wobble or vibrate
  • Provision of a working table
  • Sander belt is adjustable
  • Changing sandpaper is fast


  • Bad reviews from customers

07. CENTRAL MACHINERY 4″ x 36″ Belt 6″ Disc Sander Belt/Disc


One of the best belt and disc sanders and is great for DIY purposes. As a pro carpenter, if you haven’t acquired this accessory, you miss a lot.

With a safety lock mechanism and miter tool ideal for precision sanding. We will take a look at major points concerning the 4″-by-36″ Belt/Disc gadget in the following part.

Steel Housing

Steel is a strong metal and also is resilient to rust. A steel housing unit well protects the inside components of this appliance. Be it knocks or accidental spillage of liquids, all insider components are safe.

Work with confidence knowing everything is intact thanks to the solid steel housing compartment.

Availability of Miter Gauge

Angles are tricky places to sand, and that’s why you should always have a compact finishing machine. Average-sized machines have enhanced the ability to reach tight spaces conveniently.

Also, the inclusion of a miter gauge aids to sand angles of the concerned project.

A Versatile Motor

A 3.5 amperes motor provides enough light suitable for sanding many surfaces. Some notable projects ideal to subjecting the appliance are wood and metal works.

All you need is to apply the ideal pressure for working on the task at hand and embark on polishing till everything is clean.

All in all, in porter’s cable belt disc sander reviews, 4″-by-36″ Belt-Disc product is a good buy.


  • Cleanses angle locations conveniently
  • It has a powerful motor
  • A cheap accessory
  • Housed by steel unit


  • Nothing realized for now

08. JET J-41002 2″x42″ Bench Belt and Disc Sander



For grinding the toughest materials, the JET belt-disc appliance doesn’t break a sweat. In terms of design, JET is much compact compared to floor sanding appliances.

If you the sort of person seeking multipurpose sanding equipment, you have the best choice here.

Strong Build

Steel and rubber materials are the basic core of this magnificent yet affordable machine. Steel material is rustless and also helps to harness overall stability.

On the other side, rubber material helps to eliminate any instances of vibrations when working. Overall, a strong body build gives the JET appliance ability to grind, finish and sand anything you want.

A Good Acquisition

On our benchtop belt disc sander reviews, only a couple of machines can match the affordability of JET accessories.

The review panel has nothing but praise about tool affordability in terms of versatility, simplicity, usability, and overall product price.

Always compare prices from different sellers to get the cheapest yet original gadget.

A 3 in 1 Product

With the JET tool, achieving multiple works is as easy as ABCD. An abrasive belt is suitable for use as a jigsaw, hand file, and coping saw to achieve many tasks.

Also, this appliance works best when eliminating unwanted materials and also good for finishing works.


  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Good customer support system
  • Provision of guide module
  • Almost soundless when working


  • Plastic material not best

09. POWERTEC BD4600 Belt Disc Sander For Woodworking



POWERTECH is one of the best disc sanders we have made available in this review piece. Importantly, the machine has a strong iron base ideal for providing optimal stability.

Remarkably, past users attest the machine vibrates less and provides the best polish results. Analyzed below is a detailed critique of the POWERTECH tool.

Enhanced Power

For effective removal of unwanted aspects surrounding wooden material, a 3 amp affiliated induction motor delivers utmost power.

When in full operation, the belt-appliance has an over 1900 FPM while the disc-appliance speed reaches about 3600 RPM.

Besides, when operating, the motor produces less noise and doesn’t vibrate excessively.

A Top-notch Design

A great sanding machine should be able to handle the most cumbersome works. One thing we have noticed is the inclusion of an abrasive belt/disc combo.

Both inclusions are sized perfectly for optimal sanding of wooden surfaces.

A Spacious Dust Unit

In our porter cable belt sander review, we have witnessed the importance of having a product harnessed with a dust collection mechanism.

Importantly, when sanding, keeping dust away from the work environment is a necessity. Simply connect the dust collection unit onto the tool and get all debris and dust eliminated effectively.


  • Manufactured using original materials
  • Ideal for vertical/horizontal sanding
  • Keeps debris from workspace
  • It doesn’t exhaust the user


  • Nothing realized currently

10. RIKON Professional Power Tools 6” x 48” Belt with 10” Disc Sander


Another monster product found in benchtop belt sander reviews concerning best belt-disc sanders. RIKON is an economic thought and keeps debris from crowding the workstation.

A lot of accessories are included during purchase. Included accessories include mite gauge, steel stand, transporting handles, and many others.

Top Performance

Are you tired of frequent stalling of your favorite sanding appliance? No more should you worry since the RIKONI brand works effortlessly to ensure the task at hand is accomplished in time.

A sophisticated 1HP motor helps unleash enough power, ideal for moving the sanding disc/belt effectively. As such, by affiliating with the RIKONI brand, you don’t have to worry about workshops mishaps concerning polishers.

Ideal for all Sorts of Work

Among all benchtop belt disc sander reviews products, RIKON is in a class of its own overall. By design, RIKON is a multipurpose gadget with a belt dimension of 6 inches by 48 inches and a disc of 10 inches.

Both belts give the tool enhanced versatility, ideal for sanding many tasks altogether.


As a professional carpenter, an adjustable machine is ideal, especially when it comes to working on compact spaced areas. RIKON appliances are easy to customize, either horizontal or vertical, to sand in all directions.


  • Enhanced tool speed
  • Great for horizontal/vertical sanding
  • An established brand product
  • Has long shelf-life


  • Past clients negative remarks

Buying Considerations of Best Combination Belt Disc Sander

We are quite hopeful, you’ve had some clear insights concerning some great polishing gadgets. One great product we have checked is the wen belt disc sander.

But before buying such a tool, you need to have prior info on some important buying facts to looK-out for in a suitable gadget.

Following the below facts helps you get the best yet reliable sanding gadget.

Dust collection Unit

A common scenario evidenced in workshops is the presence of dust. All eliminated paint and rough impurities affecting wood usually result in the dust.

If you aren’t aware, unwanted dust is harmful to health and can lead to lung cancers. A spacious dust collection aids in eliminating all unwanted impurities.

A good example of a tool with an enormous dust collection unit is wen 6502 4 x 36-inch belt and 6-inch disc sander. Besides, the removal of dust helps to keep the work environment clean.


The overall speed of the best belt and disc sander appliance is a wise scan factor before acquiring a suitable polisher. The speed of a disc-sander is measured in terms of Rotation per Minute.

Most appliances usually have a speed ranging from about 4000 to 12000 RPM. Since you might be obliged to sand different types of surfaces, the speed of a suitable gadget is an important buying consideration.

For instance, softwoods require high speed while hardwoods need much lower speed. As such, when acquiring a suitable belt-disc-sander, speed is a crucial aspect.

In porter’s cable belt sander review, products with diverse speeds are found.

Size of Belt-appliance

Belt tools come in different sizes. Usually, belts are measured in terms of length and width. That’s why it’s crucial to know the right size, especially when it comes to making a replacement.

Two distinct belt tools in porter’s cable belt disc sander reviews are the 48-inch times 6 and 30-inch times 1.

NB: Enormous belt-tools are much simple to use and also versatile.

Size of Disc

Most disc tools usually measure about 5 or 8 inches. Others can become enormous and reach 10 or 12 inches. In most cases, the type of project dictates the size of the disc-tool to utilize.

Extensive projects require many larger-sized discs, and the opposite is true. Besides, larger disc tools take less time to accomplish a given task compared to smaller ones.


Belt-disc machines require a huge amount of power and also come in different forms. Most products differ in diverse ways, with one being power.

Some appliances usually use electric power, while others utilize an air compressor mechanism. A user’s taste and preferences are a determining factor on the most suitable one.

Both best belt disc sander combo machines are great at polishing both metal and wooden surfaces. In terms of pricing, air compressor accessories are cheap compared to electric models.

On the other hand, electric gadgets have enhanced performance compared to air compressors.

Overall Longevity

Not all sanding tools serve users the same way in terms of longevity. Some last a year while others can go for up to two years. One thing to look out for is simple maintenance, crucial for prolonging overall product life.

Besides, the material used in the construction process plays a crucial role in the longevity of the wen belt disc sander. Materials that don’t rust are ideal to seek when looking for a suitable gadget.

Lastly, a suitable machine should be made of high-quality material that is resistant to breakages.

Overall Simplicity

If you are a beginner or a professional, using a disc-belt-sander is simple. Everything required to assemble the machine is available in the buying unit.

Most finishing accessories are made of a sturdy base geared towards improving overall stability. Also, most of them don’t vibrate rigorously and thus give users easy paint removal.

Following this disc, belt sander reviews help you as a user to conveniently choose an ideal yet multipurpose machine. Continue reading the next section to recognize some common most online asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) of Porter Cable Belt Sander Review

Next in our benchtop belt sander reviews is a section concerning the most asked questions. Sometimes, you buy a bench/disc product but lack enough information relating to the use and other related aspects.

After reading this blog review post, you will be able to solve many queries concerning the best combination belt disc sander. Let’s kick-start.

Q1: Who makes the best bench sander?

Ans: WEN is a recognized brand of bench sanders. One of the greatest products produced is the wen 6502 4 x 36-inch belt and 6-inch disc sander.

WEN 6502 is made of sturdy materials and thus ideal for tackling the toughest projects. 

Q2: What are the 10 rules when using the disc belt sander?

Ans: Since disc-belt appliances utilize electric motors and produce dust, it’s crucial to protect your health. Workshop mishaps and eliminated dust are common menaces preventable by following the below remedies.

  • Wear goggles when working to protect the eyes.
  • When sanding, always have a firm grip on the machine.
  • Before working, always clearly visible imperfections of surfaces like nails.
  • Wear suitable workshop attire when working with disc belt sanders.
  • When horizontally working, always utilize the backstop.
  • Check and ensure the belt isn’t worn out before proceeding to sand.
  • Don’t wear gloves when polishing wood or metallic surfaces.
  • Before installing the power cable, ensure the power source is put off.
  • After sanding, clean the disc-belt tool thoroughly and store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Install the dust unit correctly and close gates except that of the sander appliance.

Q3: How do you use a belt top table, Sander?

Ans: All you need is to install everything appropriately first. Install the belt tool conveniently before embarking on tracking the adjustment.

Afterward, assemble the disc-table and properly install the dust collection unit. Lastly, customize the miter guide and start sanding best. 

Q4: What is the difference between a belt sander and a belt grinder?

Ans: Belt-sander differs in diverse ways compared to belt-grinder. First, a belt-sander is ideal for working on wooden material. Belt-grinders, on the other side, works best on metals, especially for industrial purposes.

In a broader perspective, a belt-sander is ideal for eliminating paint and uneven rough surfaces. Importantly, a belt-sander provides the last shape and polishing effects.

On the other side, belt-grinders are best when it comes to sharpening metal surfaces. As we have seen in our disc belt sander reviews, the two types of machines differ in usability.

Q5: What type of belt sander do they use on forged-in fire?

Ans: In a forged fire, not all belt sanders are suitable for use. Elongated belt machines usually are durable compared to their narrow counterpart kinds.

Also, wide-affiliated appliances don’t allow plunges. Besides, elongated belt appliances are much resilient to excess heat. Grizzly is a great product ideal for forged fire. 

All in all, follow your instincts when acquiring a great sanding appliance.

Q6: What part of the disc sander should not be used?

Ans: Always evade kickback via working following the illustrative arrows. Importantly, work through the downside of the disc-tool. Working upwards is hazardous and can make debris fly and thus posing injury concerns.

Always follow all insights availed in the best belt disc sander combo on precautions and safety protocols to follow when using a disc-sander.

Q7: What kind of sanding belts are best for metal?

Ans: In our belt and disc sander reviews, we have found diverse sanding belts that are ideal for metal works. Zirconia and Ceramic kinds are durable plus eliminate debris affecting wooden surfaces.

Both makes are much versatile compared to silicon or aluminum-based ones. Both Zirconia and Ceramic kinds can sharpen and greatly suitable for metal works.

All in all, both kinds provide top-notch sanding reliability.

Q8: What is the main purpose of a disc sander?

Ans: Disc-sanders are versatile machines that aid in smoothening surfaces such as plastic and wood. Also, disc-sanders help to eliminate debris affecting diverse materials.

Proper use of one is crucial since they are dangerous and can be hazardous if not properly handled. So, if you are affected by uneven and rough surfaces, utilize a disc-sander to polish and thus have the best finish results.

Q9: What might happen if you sand on the wrong side of the disc sander table?

Ans: If you sand on the wrong side, a workpiece may end up flying uncontrollably and cause injuries. As such, always sand on the downside of disc-sander.

Q10: When changing sanding belts or discs, what should be done to the belt disc sander?

Ans: On the belt-disc-sander side, press the lever and release the tension affiliated to the belt appliance. We always want users to change belts-materials fast and conveniently in our porter cable belt disc sander reviews.

Q11: When using a disk sander, sand only on the side of the disk sander that is moving?

Ans: Work on the downside of the disc tool. All require to be customized and not surpass 1/8 inch away from the disc tool. Customization ought to be made when the machine stops.

Q12: Who makes the best 12 disc sander?

Ans: Different manufacturers make the best disc sander. Knowing the right brand to affiliate with is important, especially when polishing multiple surfaces.

Notable makers of 12 disc-appliances include WEN, MAKITA, DELTA, RIKON, and many others. Always affiliate with a convenient manufacturer to achieve desired expectations.

We importantly recommend users always to scan reviews about a particular brand. Doing so helps a user have prior info concerning a particular product.


Sanding is a task that is inevitable at one time or another. As a professional or homeowner, knowing the right accessory for eliminating unwanted impurities is vital.

Many diverse models of sanding-appliance exist, but the best combination belt disc sander can be tricky to recognize. For now, there should be no excuse when it comes to acquiring a suitable sanding gadget.

One of these monster polishers is a perfect pick and lasts over two years. Also, if you are low on budget, all mentioned products are quite affordable.

For DIY purposes, belt-disc-sanders are the best in terms of versatility and ease of control. Always share your thoughts on our review section, and we will appreciate it.

Also, if you got any queries, feel free to share them with us!

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